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Asian inspired flavours with local and Norwegian ingredients,

our menu is influenced on food pairing, enjoyed by themselves for after work or for late evenings.

Our bar manager Øyvind makes all of the ingredients for the cocktails in house.

Seasonal inspired menus, welcome to NordØst

North meets East!


Vodka / Kizan Sake Malic Acid / Aloe Vera

‘’.Our former bar manager Øyvind Lindgjerdet made this beauty of a cocktail, and it is so good that we had to keep it for a bit longer.‘’


Japanese gin / Yuzu Sake / Honey

Lime Sencha / Raspberry

‘’My mother loves flowers and tea, and I love my mom. That is why this cocktail is dedicated to her. Salute to all moms!’’


Tequila / Cointreau / Rhubarb / Sencha Lime / Thyme

‘’If Mexico, Trondheim and Japan were to have a baby together, this would probably be the result.’’


Tequila / Cointreau / Rhubarb / Sencha Lime / Thyme

‘’.We love the bees. And this cocktail is the bees knees. We also love Sea Buckthorn. You will too, after you try this!‘’


Lemongrass / Citric Acid / Ginger Kombucha

‘’Kombucha, you say? Us too. For life.’'



Sochu / Ambrato / Orange Citric Acid / Tonic

‘’A NordØst Classic. Taste this drink and google what Shinobi means, and you will get why we named it exactly that.’’


Rum / Chili / Honey / Orange / Lime Coconut


‘’This little bad boy will punch you in all the right places. Using milk to clarify the cocktail, it’s a whole new smooth drinking experience.’’

FROKOST (clarified milk punch)

Honey puffs / Bourboun / Rye Whiskey / Austmann Utpå Cereal Milk / Orgeat / Kahlua

‘’Do you remember waking up on a Saturday morning as a kid, diving in the kitchen counter to find your favourite cereal? This cocktail pretty much sums up the nostalgia. We’ve also pimped it up using the beer ‘Utpå’ from our friends at ‘Austmann’. A sweet, rich flavoured cocktail that suits well after dinner (or the morning after..)’’


Rum / Coconut / Pineapple Lemon / Tahiti Vanilla


‘’Guilty pleasure in a cup. If you like piña coladas… then you should sing along.’’


Seedlip / Sage / Malic Acid Aegean Tonic / Orange

‘’Ingenting means ’nothing’ in Norwegian. This cocktail contains a whole lot, but has no alcohol in it (although it sure taste like it). A herbal, fresh finish with a hint of apple.’’

Photos by: Sven Marius Næverdal Øversjøen

NordØst, TMV Kaia 25 Trondheim